Monday, April 26, 2010

Tabuan Plaza Supercenter - H &L Supermarket

Tabuan Plaza Supercenter is H&L’s biggest store in Kuching

KUCHING: Following a successful soft opening earlier this month, Sarawak’s oldest retail chain of supermarket company, H&L Supermarket Sdn Bhd yesterday officially opened its biggest flagship store, the “Tabuan Jaya Supercenter” officiated by Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.The brand new “H&L Supercenter” located at the Tabuan Plaza shopping complex is one of the main anchor tenants occupying the shopping complex development project. The all new exciting and strong retail space also signifies the steady growth of the company in expanding its market dominance and coverage.Speaking at the official grand opening ceremony, CEO of H&L Supermarket Sdn Bhd, Bong Fook Kin commented that with the rate of how H&L has grown and developed over the years, it now holds more market value than its original business module. Breaking away from the norms or the conventional business mindset, H&L has grown to be more than just an ordinary supermarket, but rather becoming a “One Stop Centre” where shoppers and the general public and consumers visit for their shopping needs as well as other convenience matters such as paying their Sesco bills, or getting much more values and added benefits via the exciting “H&L Member Card & Merchant” Program. H&L’s Corporate Communication Manager, Daryl Leong commented that the new outlet will be the biggest H&L outlet by far, and is H&L first ever flagship store. “The new H&L Supercenter at the Tabuan Plaza will be the largest H&L outlet ever, accumulating more than 23,000 square feet in total. To add to this, the brand new outlet will also be equipped with state of the art cashier and computer control system, which will in turn speed up customer’s payment process and reduce on the wastage of time in long queues.” said Daryl during the media tour after the opening ceremony. “All in all, the brand new H&L outlet will be housing more than 40 thousands types of products SKUs, ranging from a variety of food to non food, from household products to personal accessories , baby care, electrical appliances as well as stationeries, books and magazines.” Daryl explained. “Stressing on our marketing philosophy of ‘Saving Customer’s Money To Help Them Live Better Lives’, it is our core mission to firstly provide our customers with only the best quality products and goods at the most reasonable and competitively pricing in a one stop shopping environment.”

Source : Eastern Times, Kuching

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tabuan Plaza

Tabuan Plaza is a shopping Mall. This is a four storey commercial Mall. It is situated at the Tabuan Jaya, next to the Mosque.

Its anchor tenants are H & L Supermarket and Nam Luong Departmental Store.

The target completion date is December 2009. There are unit for rent and Sales.

This is a owner own and operate shopping mall. It need a lot of good owers to work together
to make this place good. It will take 5 to 10 years or may be 15 years from now.
This will become a neighoor supermarket. It customer is around the area.